Fall 2018 Big-Little Reveal

About our Big-Little program

Most of know the story of David and Goliath, right? It's a classic underdog story. But what is often overlooked is that David did not fight all of his battles alone. While he definitely had divine help and insight from God, David also had support from Jonathan - a very good friend of David and the son of Saul - the King that eventually crusaded to kill David. Jonathan was his spiritual guide at times and he actually saved David's life once or twice! 

The point is that during some of David's toughest moments, he had Jonathan to encourage him, to guide him, and to simply be there with him.  We want to provide the opportunity for students at Wesley to have a "Jonathan" - a mentor of sorts but more like a big brother or big sister. 

Every Freshmen will be paired with a "big" who will be there for them and show them the ropes and provide some guidance in any regard - should they ask. But remember, they aren't really a counselor or some uptight professional - they are more of a big brother or sister who is one or two years older than you who just wants to hang out and get to know you more! Throughout the year, we will have different outings and socials for these pairs!

If you are not a freshmen and you want a mentor, let us know. While we might not be able to guarantee it, we will try our best to find you someone.

Fall 2016 Big-Little Reveal