Author: Audrey Silcox // Wildflowers // Senior

“So we have not stopped praying for you since we first heard about you. We ask God to give you complete knowledge of his will and to give you spiritual wisdom and understanding.”

Colossians 1:9

***Disclaimer: I know there has been backlash against people who tweet about praying for the world when they should be doing something about it and donating their resources, but I’ve recently felt convicted to intentionally pray for the world and I know for sure it isn’t causing any harm, so that’s where I’m at.***

Recently, I have been challenged to pray for the world, not necessarily our planet, but rather our brothers and sisters in Christ that reside all over the earth- which truthfully, sounds like a pretty large task that came with some stress. How can I make an impact simply by praying for the whole world? Wouldn’t it be a generic “hope the world is doing well today, also fix the broken hearted, please” prayer? Fortunately, I found a daily prayer devo that helped me make this more specific and meaningful. 

Each day for seven days, there were two verses and various topics to focus on during the prayers. The prayer was also broken down by what each part of the world needed in relation to the topic. The prayer I found most meaningful was for people across the world that do not have access to the Bible in their native language. These people have a relationship with God and practice Christianity, but do not have an opportunity to spend time with God’s Word. The prayer was broken down with specific statistics of how many more languages the Bible needed to be translated into based on continent. It blew my mind to discover how many people are still so devoted to God, yet they don’t have access to the Bible! We are incredibly blessed to be able to spend time in the Word and we often cling to it when things go astray; however, we also definitely use it for harm- arguing with fellow Christ followers and often use it to boast about our knowledge. How would our relationships with God and our communities look different if we didn’t have this resource? 

Of all the scriptures paired with these devos, this one has remained in my mind. I’ve definitely felt convicted to be even more intentional with my prayers for the Kingdom here on earth. Each day, as I discovered more about their struggles, my heart broke more and I felt more of a pull to devote more thoughts and reflection time on my fellow humans that are in tough situations. Their devotion to God truly inspires me and I will continue to pray for their opportunities of freedoms from their struggles and for opportunities for them to love God.