The tragic shooting of the Pulse night club really left a mark on our city. Orlando was shaken, Orlando was hurt, Orlando was united, and Orlando continues to love. An entire city rallied behind the surviving victims of the shooting and continues to show love and support. However, we don't often see the full scope of effects in the news. Yes, there are enormous medical costs - and that's where most of Orlando's OneFund is helping with. There are many donor drives for individual victims to help directly with medical costs. 

But underneath all of that, we are faced with families who not only lost a loved one, but a means of income. We also have businesses that temporarily closed for police investigations - putting a stoppage on income for current employees and business owners. We understand that for some, the shortage of income can prove to be incredibly unfortunate as they live paycheck to paycheck. Here at CFL Wesley, we want to help out these families of victims and employees alike, by providing them some help with groceries. 

Partner with Central Florida Wesley, other Orlando churches, clergy, staff, and volunteers, as we continue to be #OrlandoUnited and live out Christ's calling in our lives. 

If you'd like to donate, or if you'd like to mail a gift card instead, please visit www.OrlandoUnitedMC.com.