So you're brand new to college...!

That's exciting! Be prepared for some of the best four(ish) years of your life! But that doesn't mean the transition isn't tough and that school isn't going to be a downer at times. 


First and foremost,

we completely understand everything involved with going through that transition so we have an entire group for freshmen at UCF (or Valencia/Seminole State).  The primary focus is to build community with one another. Some of the relationships formed during your freshmen year, will prove to be some of the most important and most influential friendships. We want to provide a setting where those friendships can really develop on a strong foundation.


we understand that living away from home for the first time brings some interesting challenges. Yeah it's definitely exciting and the freedom is unrivaled, but there are definitely some moments every now and then where getting acclimated to college life might be tough. So we are here to help and through this group, you never have to face any of those challenges alone!

In addition, every year we take y'all on an awesome mission trip exclusively planned for Freshley. It's always a great experience and really sets up a great ending for you Freshmen year. But don't let finances scare you off. Fundraising a big aspect of this trip and so far - not a single student that was free and wanted to go, has had to stay behind because of money. God is good and if we put forth a little bit of effort along with some faith, God will always provide! 


every Freshmen will be paired with a mentor. Don't think of them as your counselor - because they are not - nor are they interested in being your counselor. Your mentor is someone who will be there for you and show you the ropes and provide some guidance in any regard - should you ask. They are more of a big brother or sister who just wants to hang out and get to know you more! Throughout the year, we will have different outings and socials for you and your "big" to hangout with some of the others!

If you are interested or would like more information, feel free to contact Richie Hartig at

*Note - If you need or want a counselor, we definitely can point you in the right direction. UCF offers a wide variety of resources for students and counseling is definitely available in whatever capacity you need. We just wanted to be clear that your mentor is not a counselor. Don't hesitate to ask for help if needed, and we will get you in touch with professionals!