"Wesley is a place where real friendships are born, leaders are developed, and our love for Christ and one another inspires action in our community."

Wesley is a place where real friendships are born… 

One of the strongest characteristics of Wesley are the relationships that are made through our ministry. Wesley is a place where you will not be forgotten. It is a place where we want to know your story and share your struggles and successes as we seek to build strong genuine and authentic relationships that will last a lifetime.

We accomplish this through weekly community groups led by awesome pairs who are simply trying to figure it all out like the rest of us. At the core of the early church, was a strong sense of community. Jesus built the Kingdom of God, on community - the first 12. We seek to embrace the power community has in regards to strengthening our faith and helping us just get through all of life- the highlights and the lowlights. 

While we do believe in the bible, sharing a faith is NOT a pre-requisite to joining or being part of our groups. The focus of our groups is to bring people together in a safe setting to discuss life, school, successes, and failures. 

If you want to learn more about the community groups we offer, click here. 

Wesley is a place where leaders are developed…

Wesley seeks to be a place where young leaders are heard, appreciated, and placed in leadership roles.  We have students that previously felt insignificant in their home churches, youth groups, and teams, who now have found their voice and matured enough in their life to lead successful ministries.

Only future ministries leaders? - Nope. While we have seen passionate worship leaders, youth directors, and pastors come out from within Wesley, we have seen many counselors, teachers, engineers, artists, designers, and even law enforcement all take the helm of their respective calling and passion to pursue their dreams. Leadership development is about becoming a good, honest leader. Every job, and every profession has opportunities for leadership and every field has ethics that must be followed. We strive to support the future leaders of our communities by creating environments where they can thrive in. 

The fact of the matter is that Wesley is a student-run organization. Yes there is a staff, however, we strive to embrace the unique gifts of each individual has to offer. Through discernment and nurturing, these gifts are developed and matured. 

Wesley develops leaders by providing roles and positions with significant responsibilities. Some of these opportunities take the form of  leading community groups, organizing worship, creative media production, event planning, speaking opportunities, internships, one-on-one mentoring, leading construction relief/aid trips overseas and even leading an improv comedy group! 

At Wesley, the staff handles a lot of the boring logistics, but it's the students that actually run the ministry. 

We hope to help students live into their potential and encourage their ideas, goals, and passions.

Wesley is a place where our love For Christ and neighbor inspires action in our community.

We believe that faith without works is dead.

We cannot understand our worship of Christ without good works. It is the worship of Christ that calls us to make a difference in the everyday. We believe that following Christ includes listening for the small opportunities to pray with someone, share our faith, and seek to serve everyone we meet.

We really want to make sure that our organization is helping the world and making a positive impact in PRACTICAL ways. 

From supporting local farm workers who are underpaid and abused in the fields, to packing meals for families in impoverished communities, to rebuilding disaster-related damaged homes in Bahamas, Haiti, Tennessee, New Orleans and Costa Rica, Wesley is constantly looking to make a difference in the world, both locally and globally. 

We accomplish this through two means. Missions and Service Projects