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by Rev. Erwin Lopez

I was watching a TV show where a group of philanthropists were trying to transport fish to a very poor village in Africa who did not have access to a full balanced meal. Most of the people were experiencing malnutrition and the fishing community was only 200 miles away. As they organized their ideas to transport the fish, one of the people working said they were going to “change the world.” I thought to myself, “they aren’t going to change the world.” But then I thought again and I realized that this remote community may not have a perspective that comes with television, radio, and social media. Their “world” may just be their everyday living. If you can change their world you have in essence “changed the world!” After this, I prayed about how God wanted Wesley to serve the local community. After five years of helping Faith United Methodist Church distribute meals to a very poor trailer park community and after reflecting on Jesus’ focus on the poor, we set out. We decided to invest in one community long term. You can find us every month or so helping this local community with yard work, providing clean drinking water, building a basketball and soccer field, and providing school supplies for children in need. Please pray for us as we continue to invest in this community so that we can help change the world! - Erwin Lopez

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