I never really stayed in one place for very long growing up so I’ve never had the opportunity to grow close to Christian friends. When I came to UCF I was searching for a college ministry that would be able to help keep myself strong in my faith but also a place that felt like home. I really feel like Wesley at UCF accomplishes this really well. The outreach that they conduct on the campus really made me feel like they wanted me to be a part of what was going on. I got connected with Freshley and I am really enjoying being a part of a small group that engages myself and other freshmen in deep discussions about important questions of faith. I really like being able to talk to Erwin whenever I have questions and he is always able to give me good advice. Wesley has been a “game changer” in my college experience and it has helped me strengthen my faith.


I honestly cannot say enough about how much my time at Wesley has impacted my life. I truly started my journey with Christianity after coming to UCF and seeing the love of God work through the people at Wesley. I did not necessarily grow up in the church, and while I was occasionally reminded of God’s love for me I didn’t see that in the actions of the Christians I knew. My freshman year I struggled to adapt to such a large school, but that next summer I met a group of friends who were accepting, loving, full of joy, and were part of this awesome college ministry called Wesley. My sister had already been begging me to join Wesley, and I felt more encouraged than ever to take a new path in life. Since then I've made countless memories, lifelong friendships, felt the excitement of worship through Tuesday services, and the intimacy of faith through small groups. I've seen so many positive changes in my life, and the way I view the world and those around me. I would encourage anyone who is unsure of their faith to take the leap and find a loving group of people to help guide you! Wesley has changed my life for the better, and I wouldn't change this experience for anything.


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I truly cannot put into words how much Wesley has impacted me throughout the years. I have grown closer to God and developed my faith more than I imagined I could. Honestly, I was terrified to move to Orlando and had many doubts. The first service I attended was immediately following the Pulse tragedy, during the Summer of 2016. It was incredibly powerful, and I left knowing I would be comfortable in that space throughout my UCF years. Even as a guest, I felt overwhelming love and comfort. When I arrived as a freshman, I perceived it as simply a place to go on Tuesday nights to fuel me up until I could return the next week. Soon after arriving, I realized I had a community to talk to on my bad days, have dinner with when all else failed, and a group of friends to hang out with throughout college. Somewhere along the way, this community turned into a family. My family at Wesley has ached together at our low points and we continuously rejoice through our great days. We are forming bonds that I foresee lasting a lifetime and I am tremendously thankful for the opportunity to be in this family.


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Wesley at UCF is one of the best parts of my week! I jumped in without hesitation last year and just trusted God and I loved every second of it! I really loved the vibe of Tuesday worship and everyone inside of it. However, my absolute favorite part of Wesley was by far Freshley. Richie, Amanda, Jess, and Josh were my leaders and they were (and are still) incredibly impactful on me, my life, and my journey. I felt my faith explode in terms of confidence through a series we did that really asked tough questions about our faith. Through Freshley, I realized I wanted to go work at Warren Willis and work on leadership at Wesley the following fall. Here I am now, serving as a home church leader for Open Table Home Church loving every second of it! I feel my faith flourishing on a daily basis through Tuesday worship and Open Table and my love for God grows constantly. Without Wesley, my faith would still be in a rut, and I would ultimately be lost. Wesley rocks and I’m eternally grateful for everyone that has been a part of my journey there.