Tuesdays | 7:30pm

EPICenter - 1395 Campus View Ct, Oviedo, FL 32765

Every Tuesday night, we come together for a night of worship. Our vision is to live out the early church described in Acts 2.  We sing together, we listen to a teaching together, we pray together, we eat meals together, and just do our best to really embrace what it means to be a loving community of faith. 

What to expect


From the moment you arrive you will see people standing outside welcoming everyone inside the building. Often, Tuesdays might be the only time to catch up with some of our friends because of everyone's busy schedules so every cherishes the moment when you arrive. If you are new, it is no different. Everyone who walks through our doors is someone with a story. Everyone is a creation of God and everyone has something to contribute to this world. That alone is something to celebrate! 

Welcome Table

Once you arrive, you will be greeted and given a name tag by some awesome people at the Welcome Table! The Welcome Table is your go to spot for questions, and the scoop on what's coming up. We will have sign up sheets, and general information on our Home Churches and other ministries which you can learn more about by exploring the links to the left. After getting your name tag, you are free to hangout, catch up with friends, reflect, pray etc. At 7:45pm our doors open and service starts. 

Worship Service

The service will start off with a greeting of sorts and typically go into a worship set. From then, there will be a teaching by our Pastor, Erwin Lopez, followed by a closing song. Those are the basics. But here at Wesley, we like being flexible and mixing things up from time to time, as they relate to the sermon series. Sometimes we will have audience discussion and participation during the sermon. Sometimes we have small groups. Sometimes we have prayer stations.  Sometimes we even model the entire evening after the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon - complete with a monologue and games!

Whatever it may be, know that you are in for a great night of worship and fellowship.

After Service

Afterwards we usually eat! Who doesn't love food? Every week, some of our partners in the community generously contribute fresh, home-cooked meals for us. So all together we are able to eat and hangout and simply be in community with one another.  And let me just say, the food is ALWAYS on point! :)